Take Me to Swaziland

Swaziland is a monarchy in South Africa. The impact of HIV/AIDS in this country has created dire hardships for all age groups, especially youth, resulting in an increased number of orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) and child-headed households. Peace Corps volunteers make a difference by entering into the community to spread awareness and educate citizens on healthy behaviors to prevent this deadly disease.

There are 76 volunteers in Swaziland working with their communities on projects in health and youth development. During their service in Swaziland, volunteers learn to speak SiSwati. More than 1,600 Peace Corps volunteers have served in Swaziland since the program was established in 1968.

I started this blog to journal my journey. I don’t want to forget a moment. Documenting what I learn along the way will help me to recall these lessons even decades from now. I also want to share with you the effect of the Peace Corps’ hands-on approach to changing communities. On June 14, 2016 I will be entering new territory for me. I’m excited to share this experience with you and look forward to our time together. Take Me to Swaziland!

Photo credit: africa.com


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  1. Sheron Stewart says:


    I love your site already! I can’t wait to see Swaziland through your eyes. This site reminds me of all the places I have traveled with you in California via cell phone calls! Lol. Enjoy the journey and go MAD (Make A Difference ).

    Love ya!


    1. Love you and download What’s App!!!


  2. Royal Stewart says:

    Hi,Dink how’s Swaziland & your Team? Cuzzo Royal ckn on yall B/More style! How all is well sending OUR Prayers/Blessings w You,holla back.


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